To the Moon and Over It!

I get so excited over the silliest stuff but I got some news just now that has me over the moon. I guess I have to give you some context so I don’t sound like a complete crazy person.
Into the abyss

Into the abyss

There is something that I have found to be the best physical, emotional and mental therapy. They are called Sensory Deprivation Chambers aka Float Tanks. For those outside the psychiatric and psychedelic communities, a Float Tank is a tank about the size of a queen size bed. The walls of the tank are thick so sound doesn’t come in and there is 10 inches of water at the base. The water and air are regulated to body temperature and there is 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt in the water. The purpose of all of this is to create a weightless environment with which to relax in. You go in naked and lie down in the water. The buoyancy of the salt in the water keeps you suspended in space. You can’t see anything, hear anything or feel anything. You are left alone with your thoughts. No cell phone. No email. No honking horns. Nothing. Just you and your mind for 2 hours. You reflect on your life and your decisions and you begin to see things clearly without distraction. You’ll even have hallucinations as the theta waves in your brain begin to take over. It’s a lot like falling asleep and having visual dreams without actually falling asleep. You leave the chamber feeling relaxed from the soak in the salts and mentally relaxed and hyper aware of the world around you and the world you’ve created in your life and how to deal with it. The best way I describe it is that when you walk out of the tank, everything feels like it’s moving in slow motion. Like you’re Neo in the Matrix. And if you do these fairly often (like 2 a month or more) you will begin to have lucid dreams pretty much every night. Those are those dreams where you are aware you’re dreaming within the dream and can pretty much just go play and have fun in the dream since you know it’s a dream. Kinda like Inception. My trick to figure out if I was awake or dreaming was to try to fly. If I could do it I knew I was in a dream and would cruise around flying.
Anyway, the problem with the Float Tank for me has always been the scheduling. The place that I go to (that is the absolutely the best place in the world for this stuff) is out in Venice and called Float Labs. But they only have two tanks and you can only have one person in a tank at a time so it means that they can only do a few appointments a day. Which meant if I wanted to float I would have to make an appointment months in advance to go in. Often something would come up and then I would have to cancel or reschedule and lose my spot and it became frustrating so I haven’t been in a while. They also used to only accept cash on the spot. No credit cards.
Well today I woke up and realized I hadn’t been in maybe a year and felt a float was good for me. I have been stressed physically and emotionally and felt some alone time with my mind is just what I needed. Let’s call Float Lab and make an appointment for early Summer. And that’s when the great news came…They FINALLY (I say finally because they have been talking about this for over 3 years) finished their Westwood facility which now has 7 chambers and is much closer to my house so no more waits! Its all done over the internet and you schedule your appointment and pay online and go in! I made an appointment for 3 hours from now! I was needing some therapy and figured it would be a few months away and now I can just go whenever I want! This has made me the happiest guy and it’s such a stupid little thing but at the same time such a really huge thing. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone within the sound of my voice. You don’t need drugs, you don’t need a massage, you don’t need anything, all you need is some alone time with your mind and you will experience life in a much better and more fulfilling way. People don’t understand until they experience this but i guarantee it will change your life.
And now that there’s no wait to do it I’m going to be doing it a lot more regularly again! Such a happy day for me!
I went through all the trouble to write this with the hope that a little context would make me sound like less of a crazy person and now I’m realizing I probably seem like I’m more of a crazy person than before….Oh well.  🙂