Roast Battle 2 and Other Great Things!

Roast Battle 2 just started airing on Comedy Central Sunday Nights at 11 PM (check your local listings)!  The Saudi Prince has been teased in the stinger promo spot at the end of the first episode for the Los Angeles episode which should be airing towards the middle or end of the month.  Set your DVR’s and let’s celebrate good times!  If you don’t have a DVR or TV, you can watch the show on Comedy Central’s website.


I’ve been doing the Saudi Prince role in the show for the better part of the year and love it and feel that it has really helped me make a name for myself even though I was a well respected battler.  However I’m fully aware that I need to start battling again and I am feeling driven to get back on that stage and go head to head with a good opponent so expect to see me battling soon without a wig on and all my vulnerabilities for the world to see and laugh at.


I had a couple close calls with bookings last year that got me really excited and then really let down.  I was “pinned” to fly to NM to film Soldado, the sequel to Sicario, but was released at the last minute.  If you don’t know what “pinned” means, don’t feel bad because I’ve been in this business 17 years and didn’t know what it meant.  Basically it means that you are being considered for a role and they ask you to clear your schedule until they make their decision and prepare to go at a moment’ notice.  If you get released then you pulled the short straw.  That one really stung because I loved Sicario and really felt my audition was great and a really cool, intense scene.  I also got pinned in the same week for a new sitcom called Superior Donuts that was being cast out of the same office as Modern Family.  It was a really funny script and has a stellar cast so that would’ve been really cool too even though it was a small but funny part but…released yet again.  On the plus side, my VoiceOver agent sends me out on auditions like 15 times a week so its only a matter of time before I start getting some gigs or get dropped as a client. haha.  I’ve already booked a pretty major video game voicing some bad guys as well as a little Christian Radio Play called Adventures in Odyssey.  Apparently it’s been on the air for as long as I’ve been alive!  It was a really fun experience and hope there’s more like that to come.  They were wonderfully sweet people.


So while I’m building momentum, little ups and downs can toy with my tender little heart.  Speaking of my heart, I also went through a hard break up over the holidays and just feel a little broken and more than a little alone.  This city is insanely effective at making you feel alone while being surrounded by people but it’s never bothered me quite so much as it has this holiday break.  The last thing she said to me was “I’m the only good thing in your life,” and honestly she was right in so many ways.  I hate that I couldn’t make this relationship work.  It was a tug of war when we should have been trying to come together.  Our timing was off in so many ways with one another and it felt the moments when we clicked were fleeting moments as sands fell through the hourglass towards another fight and another break up.  All I can say is that, as much as it hurts to lose her, I think back at all the days and memories I ruined for her over the last year and she deserves better.  She deserves a love that makes her feel safe and secure and I do too but we just couldn’t give that to each other.  And while fights should bring you closer together through painful growth, I feel that some of ours did, but many pulled us farther and farther apart to the point where it felt we would never be okay no matter how hard we tried.  Wherever you are, I love you and hope you’re happy and that is the only thing that helps me go on.


It’s a new year and an arbitrary day to start new beginnings and I think I’ve needed it now more than ever.  I loved the stability of a relationship because it allowed me the freedom and confidence to focus on my career rather than dating.  I’ve always said “I’d rather come home to somebody than come home with somebody,” but maybe being single for a little while will be better for me and give me the time I need to focus even more energy on my career now that momentum is gaining.  I need to make healthier choices in my life and start being more disciplined with myself.  There have been some really toxic habits I’ve picked up over the last few years that I need to walk away from and replace them with positivity and exercise and eating better.  Not to mention saving money.  I owe the IRS and credit cards so much money that I feel like I’m trying to dig a ditch with a pitchfork.


Which reminds me, my t-shirts are available for sale if anyone wants to buy one and help a brother pay a bill or just buy a beer.  I’m asking 30 bucks and that will include shipping to wherever you are and tax and everything.  If you want one, send me a message on facebook or an email to  It would mean a lot.  I’ll even sign it for you or make it more valuable by just sending you a blank shirt without my name on it.  Whatever you want.  I still need to update more and maybe now I will since I have more free time and I’m restless and not sleeping.


I have some more things I want to share but have to wait until my non disclosure agreements allow me to.  Once Roast Battle airs, I can’t wait to tell you about that experience.  It was once in a lifetime and so much fun!  A dream come true in so many ways!


Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful new year and grab life by the horns.  Let’s ride this thing until the wheels fall off.