I Promise to Start Updating More!

Hello void that I feel I’m talking into whenever I type here. I really should check in with you more.  I tell myself to but then I wonder who is even reading these other than me after a few drinks and feeling nostalgic.  I also hesitate to post stuff because everything I work on these days comes with increasingly scary… Read more →

Roast Battle 2 and Other Great Things!

Roast Battle 2 just started airing on Comedy Central Sunday Nights at 11 PM (check your local listings)!  The Saudi Prince has been teased in the stinger promo spot at the end of the first episode for the Los Angeles episode which should be airing towards the middle or end of the month.  Set your DVR’s and let’s celebrate good… Read more →

It’s been a while!

It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve posted on here!  I promise to write more soon but it’s late and sleep is more important to me than talking to myself on here since I doubt anyone is reading this.  But I do want to say it’s been a very busy summer and it’s looking like the fall and winter will… Read more →

To the Moon and Over It!

I get so excited over the silliest stuff but I got some news just now that has me over the moon. I guess I have to give you some context so I don’t sound like a complete crazy person.   There is something that I have found to be the best physical, emotional and mental therapy. They are called Sensory… Read more →

Down with the Sickness

I am sure with everything going on in the holidays nobody is giving two shits about my blogs and updates so this is probably just me talking into a void. However I have been trying so hard to post a new blog every Monday since the site went live last month. I have posted 3 blogs so far and all… Read more →

Master of Puppets

I get a fair amount of questions sent to me online but, by far, this year the most common question I’ve gotten is “what are you doing with the Jim Henson Company and how did you get in with them??” So here’s the answer…   On May 14th I got an email from my friend Ami in Salt Lake City.… Read more →

Poop or get off the pot.

Welcome to my musings! I’m going to try to have a new update posted every Monday. It’s been a busy year for me but the last few weeks have been particularly hectic. I finally got off my hairy ass and recorded my stand up comedy album. I had dragged my feet doing this because I had this mental idea of the… Read more →

Big News!!

Hey guys! It’s my first blog post! I’m excited to let you all know I’m recording my first comedy album in Salt Lake City tomorrow night! Thursday 11/12/2015! If you’re around I’d love to see your smiling faces! Tickets are available online for $15 at the link below. If you buy at the door they will be $20. There will… Read more →